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Let’s build the Ar Mini v2

Opening the box you’ll find almost everything you need and so we get right to it. Yet let’s point out, what this build be we aiming at. Here are some key features: I want to cruise that wing! No speed monsterLong fly timeCrossfire / 5G8 setupIt will run iNavdetachable wings 😉 Not that much work…


RunCam Phoenix 2 out for delivery!

Hello everybody! It’s been a while but here I go again an feed this page a bit with some recent contents. So, today is the day! The RunCam Phoenix 2 is about to be delivered and that pleases me. It’s a vital part of a new build coming up here soon. What about the Ratel?…


The FPV Weekend

Some time ago we started to develop an idea about a weekend somewhere off the normal spots. That turned out to become a great idea and three of us went out for it! This is FPV Weekend! Pairan and Voda was the first to arrive and it didn’t take long until they went out for…


iNav snippets to make things easy

iNav is about to become more and more sophisticated with every upcoming version. To don’t get caught in the Jungle of settings here are some nifty snippes I use and apply on every build. If you need them completed, then they are as one code in the end of the post. Arming at almost any…


RunCam Hybrid 4K

Yesterday the Runcam Hybrid arrived and I’m curious to see, how it will perform on my mini wings fleet compared to the Caddx Tarsier V2. There is nothing special to report on as all fact already have been revealed. The two lens design becomes the standard on the better cameras and the video quality is…


Matek VTX 1G3 is listed

Finally they entered the usual shopping places. It’s good to see, the marked gets another player on that topic. There are two versions of the Matek VTX 1G3: The International Version having all nine channels the US version having only the two legal channels for the states And of course Matek delivers a receiver to…

Fatshark HDO goggles

Fatshark HDO, Eachine Pro58 and Pirxfpv

Lately I decided to upgrade my gear to something more compact. The Fatshark HDO became the google of choice and of course you’ll a module to receive your fpv feed. Picked the Eachine Pro58 the module has been proven to work just fine and it is supported by the developers of Archillez and Pirx. After…

Caddx Tarsier

Caddx Tarsier – combining 4K30 and fpv

Caddx pushes out a new combination of FPV cam and DVR with 4K30 and H.256 encoding! Reason enough for me to pre-order the Tarsier right away so we can put it to the test at the end of the month! The stats look promising! Dual lens with dedicated 4K DVR supporting a descent H.256 encoding,…


Video: FPV is addictive

The fingers are shaky! They need stick time, special stick time on a special location. Get ready to fly over the open water and enjoy the ride as we obey to our addiction: FPV “Who’s with me today?” Nobody seemed to have time so Pairan went off alone for this one. The rest of the…


Video: Catching sunrays

After a long day there are only a few things that will let Pairan relax: A chilled drink or catching the last sunrays flying FPV! As he has his Caipirinha II at hands he climbs the sky along the shore. MultiCam attached! To make it a bit different compared to last time, a GitUp F1