Video: FPV is addictive

The fingers are shaky! They need stick time, special stick time on a special location. Get ready to fly over the open water and enjoy the ride as we obey to our addiction: FPV

“Who’s with me today?”

Nobody seemed to have time so Pairan went off alone for this one. The rest of the squad was working or in family business. As you can see in the video, it really was worth it!

Cruising with 5-9A, flying for 40min

As the weather was calm that day the Harrier did, what it does best: cruising with little demand on energy. Commonly the Harrier travels fine at 5A and with that it’s no problem to stay in the air for a long time and archieve a 40km round trip 😉

Everything in 4K

The GitUp F1 is powered by the flight battery so you will never run out of juice as long as there is enough power left in the Lipo. And no more charging of the GitUp F1 battery … yay 🙂

No post correction on the colors or footage as such!

And thats so nice- We use the MOD V1.6 from Kaliningrads hack on the GitUp F1. This wont make the camera all new BUT it enhanced the result tremendously:

  • Recording with 80-100Mbit in 4K30
  • Nice color profile
    In case you are interested, simply try it out! You’ll surely not regret it.

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