Video: Catching sunrays

Flying with two action cams to get those last sunrays

After a long day there are only a few things that will let Pairan relax: A chilled drink or catching the last sunrays flying FPV! As he has his Caipirinha II at hands he climbs the sky along the shore.

MultiCam attached!

To make it a bit different compared to last time, a GitUp F1 was additionally attached to get a side view. But a side view is always nice and adds a new angle to the otherwise seen forward view.

Launched before the sun set

It was late that day. Seems to be something that goes again and again while having the Caipirinha II at hands 🙂 But the spot was just to sweet to ignore it and go for the last sunrays of the day.

Check your gear before take-off

A little surprise came up in the display after being over open water: 14.7v left in the LiPo – not good! But enough juice to cruise a short distance and enjoy the awesome view.

So hear my advice, friends: Skip those kind of surprises and check your gear before take-off 🙂 … could save your money!


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