The new project arrived – RIPPER R690

Well … yes, that opportunity came at the right time and the wing looks promising for my needs so I smacked the order button after thinking over it for a night!

aka Hee wing F-01

Shortly after ordering a box was delivered from China which got me very excited. Everything was well packaged and had suffered no damage at all. That’s awesome.

The contents itself was put in small boxes and the reminded me to the TBS Caipirinha 2 which comes exactly like that too. The foam parts are very dense and I would assume it to be the same as the grey S800 / S1100 foam many people have loved as it is very tough. all in all a good package to a reasonable price.

Currently I’m building the wing up to my needs and I assume it to turn out as a wonderful little journey.

Would I order it again? … Yes, I would (and currently I’m considering toi order a spare one for ehh … just in case, you know). The delivered stuff is good for the price and that makes it a good kit for a versatile mini wing you could take everywhere.

there are several sources to the wing available currently. I’ll drop my link here so you could go for it in case it’s tempting you 🙂

Available here:

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