The FPV Weekend

Some time ago we started to develop an idea about a weekend somewhere off the normal spots. That turned out to become a great idea and three of us went out for it! This is FPV Weekend!

Pairan and Voda was the first to arrive and it didn’t take long until they went out for a first flight with the TBS Caipirinha 2.

Chapter 1: The usual buddy search flight

Voda and Pairan stopped at a beach and try to find each-other in the sky- it’s the usual buddy-search-flight 🙂 As you can imagine we only found each other occasionally and only for seconds! But well, they did fly :)))

The wind was blowing and they had cold fingers after that. So they went back to base and started tweaking their gear until Pothzi joined them. Some Settings needed a hand and also it was time to enjoy a good beer.

It was about sunset when he finally showed up as the travel took more time than expected. But The only thing really to do after having arrived was simply to go out and fly again 🙂

Chapter 2: Last flight before sunset

All S1100 Harrier got in the air and landed safely. Pairan had been a bit nervous about this as he hadn’t had the chance to tune and setup RTH properly on his new Harrier. He was ready for it but in order to make it fly good it would need some auto tuning and testing! And doing that on open water was surely not the best place in case of an emergency landing … but … he got it done. The Harrier was tuned briefly in iNav and so he landed controlled while the sun disappeared in the horizon.

It was time to get back to the man-cave and get something to eat. Voda turned out to be Mr. BBQ and went out in the darkness to fire up the Weber. That was awesome.

Chapter 3: 47min fpv for breakfest

Will the S1100 Harrier fly with Li-Ion batteries? Is it fun? You want FPV for breakfast? a sip of Coffee? So did we! Voda startet to test out the Li-Ions and so the day began with a calm fly out.

Pothzi and Pairan moved out with their Mavics and had a little mid-air rendezvous!

After 47min airborne Voda prepares to land- he simply had enough for the moment 😉 Although there would have been enough juice in the battery for at least 10 more minutes.

Chapter 4: Wipeout on Hypersmooth

Together and after having had some real breakfast we are heading back to the beach with better weather conditions that the day before.

Pothzi brought his Wipeout and strapped a GoPro Hero 7 Black on it! The predecessor of the Caipirinha 2 did a good job that day …

Chapter 5: Far out

Voda is out on a mission where he gets far out and cruise over open water. The video shows a summary of what 30mins of flight time can result. Just like Pairan’s Harrier the grey wing holds almost the same configuration.

Chapter 6: The rearview flight

Pairan launches the S1100 Harrier with two GitUp F1. Sadly only the rear cam recorded this lovely trip along the sea side. Better double check the cams before launching- lession learned!

Aside of that the flight was very nice – although it would have been much more exciting having the front view along 🙂

End of a wonderful weekend

There has been a lot of great time spend that weekend. Flying around with plenty wings and transforming a holiday house into a massive man cave was great fun.

This is surely to be repeated in 2020, perhaps with some new faces joining in to make it an even bigger FPV weekend.

What about you guys? How to you make you fly-outs and meet-ups with your pilot friends? Perhaps you can write a comment below.

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