RunCam Hybrid 4K

Yesterday the Runcam Hybrid arrived and I’m curious to see, how it will perform on my mini wings fleet compared to the Caddx Tarsier V2.

There is nothing special to report on as all fact already have been revealed. The two lens design becomes the standard on the better cameras and the video quality is up to date- but of course not the same as a GoPro Hero 8.

Pros and Cons

If we compare the hybrid to its only real competitor, the Caddx Tarsier v2, then there are some points to mention.

Image Quality

While the FPV footage from the Tarsier is the best you can get at this moment the recorded 4K footage on the other hand is slightly better on the Hybrid. This won’t make it easier to desire which camera is the best for your purpose. Don’t get me wrong! The FPV feed of the Hybrid is not bad! A bit oversaturated perhaps but that again is a personal observation. Further there Hybrid does do the change from dark to light a bit faster. But also here nothing to worry about on the Tarsier side! These are minimal differences which not act as deal breaker for me


The hardware of the Hybrid beats the Tarsier by the simple fact that there is only one board with electronic. The Tarsier has two boards and an additional heat sink plate on top. This makes her a bit bulky compare to the single board design from RunCam.


Top view

Overall the price is the key! And this goes hand with your preferences. While you can grab the Tarsier for around 70-80€ currently the Hybrid stays stable at about 90€. But in the end its you to decide if you prefer a superb FPV feed with nice 4K footage or the 4K footage of the Hybrid is the one to go for!

For me both cameras are fine. But I assume to go more for the Tarsier than for the Hybrid as I don’t have only one model that needs a 4K mini camera with FPV feed included. And here the Tarsier takes the lead as it is cheaper.

What is your preference and where would you mount such a camera? Please comment below and let us know 🙂

You need one of those? Then please help us!

Use these links in case you want to order one. That won’t change your price of course, but we will get a little back for our efforts besides we bought the cams ourselves!

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