Matek VTX 1G3 is listed

Finally they entered the usual shopping places. It’s good to see, the marked gets another player on that topic.

There are two versions of the Matek VTX 1G3:

  • The International Version having all nine channels
  • the US version having only the two legal channels for the states

And of course Matek delivers a receiver to fit into the common goggle slot. The Matek VRX 1G3 will do the job for you.

The listed prices are a bit high but not uncommon for Matek boards. While the VTX ships for around 32€ the VRX is about 36€. Both come with an antenna.

Are these better than SM130T and SM137R?

If you have been digging a bit in the 1G3 topic then you might know about the two modules above. They are fairly cheap and deliver good results. But they seem to have an underground altitude as sending in these frequencies often isn’t legal.

It will get interesting to compare these modules with the new Matek boards! Perhaps we can get one of those soon!

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