While the Mini Ar Wing has moved on it is time to pull another little bugger out of the hat. The Ripper will try to fill-in here. There is not much to say about this 690mm wing but that it offers some new features as it was designed with DJI Airunits in mind (which I won’t go for).

I will add small blog posts to this topic over time as I’m busy with planning the build, editing videos and finishing other project at the same time.

Building the Diatone Ripper R690

As soon as I opened the box I felt that need to build it up ASAP! There is not really much to do but what’s getting it complicated it to embed the own setup! If you simply want to put it up to fly manually and without fancy iNav setup then you could be done…

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The new project arrived – RIPPER R690

Well … yes, that opportunity came at the right time and the wing looks promising for my needs so I smacked the order button after thinking over it for a night! Shortly after ordering a box was delivered from China which got me very excited. Everything was well packaged and had suffered no damage at…

  • Current hardware (soon)
  • Current iNav 2.6.1 Diff (soon)

Videos on the RIPPER R690