Fatshark HDO, Eachine Pro58 and Pirxfpv

Lately I decided to upgrade my gear to something more compact. The Fatshark HDO became the google of choice and of course you’ll a module to receive your fpv feed.

Picked the Eachine Pro58

the module has been proven to work just fine and it is supported by the developers of Archillez and Pirx.

After having tried several possibly fitting cases for the module I finally ordered the one offered to fit. All others didn’t do the job some how. So if you decide to go for the Eachine PRO58 RX then order the pro58 case separately at the same time 🙂

Archillez or Pirx?

Both projects are popular and as we already have on module with Archillez I went for Pirx this time. First brief note: works fine 😉

Pirx the pilot :)

I’ve never been through all these available modules and their firmware as I used to have a common RX with knobs and with that I was ok.

And then this thing offers a ton of features that I never thought I would use! Well ok then, let’s do the Pirx 🙂 Swithed it on and began to search my channel. I guess that’s already all to it. But you’ll have to experience this yourself in case you aren’t in to this already.

Although the Archillez firmware has a bit more features (if I remember right) this is my firmware of choice as it’s free so far. The developer kindly asks for a donation which you are free to decide on. Perhaps a good idea 🙂

You can find Pirx here: https://pirxfpv.com

Fatshark HDO goggles

Fatshark HDO goggles
I love it … the Fatshark HDO

Sure … they aren’t exactly budget goggles, but if you don’t want to make compromises then they could become your best friend!

I never wanted to drop this pile of money on a pair of goggles but the tribe made it possible and life in the field became very relaxed! Also I became able to get footage from the FPV feed which was something the tribe had longed for in several released videos. All in all it was a big win.

I power the goggles with a common and retired 3s LiPo as I so far haven’t invested in any 18650 Li-Ion cells.

Uneventful combination

Combining these things did make my experience with it pretty uneventful as it just worked. Pirx scanned the frequencies and every time I found it to be right, I added the channel to my favourites which then I was able to switch in between directly from the HDO.

And if we are on other FPV sources, it’s just deactivating Pirx (switch on the lower side of the HDO) and plugging the other wire in. Ready!

Thank you tribe!

Without you I still would struggle on my trips into the field for a relaxed FPV flight. This setup makes my life very easy. And I will provide a lot of in flight footage from the FPV feed in the upcoming video releases!

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